Monitoring & Accountability

We will invest in the capacity and confidence of civil society to monitor progress on sustainable development, with a particular focus on citizen-generated data. This group has been supporting national goal monitoring efforts, as well as build citizen-generated data initiatives. Additionally, we are reviewing seeking to work with national focal points to share best practices on monitoring and to facilitate national activities. Core current projects:

Country profiles – mapping & featuring civil society´s engagement in the SDGs & Paris Climate Agreement

Please share with us your local solutions and programs that are already making a meaningful difference on the themes related to the Sustainable Development Goals and Paris climate commitments. Your inputs will allow us to build a global interactive map and country pages that showcase support civil society initiatives that are helping to implement and monitor the global commitments. The global portal and country pages will also provide practical information about national implementation strategies, country focal points and participation opportunities.

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Civil Society National SDG Progress Reports

A annual questionnaire with civil society groups across countries to monitor the state of goal progress and public engagement in the national implementation of the SDGs. Our previous reporting remit has covered the countries under voluntary review at the UN High Level Political Forum, which is the governance body for the global goals. See results from 22 countries that were under review in 2016 & the 44 countries under review in 2017 available here.

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