Overview of SDG Progress

Within the context of Ghana, progress is mixed. At current pace of implementation, Ghana is counted among countries projected to miss delivery of the goals unless the pace of progress is accelerated. Goals 1, 2, 3 and 4 are some what on track while the others are off track.

Overview of Climate Change

The impact and projections of climate change and variability and its implication on ecology, land use, and poverty are already being felt across the country. There is a projected high temperature and low rainfall in coming years, and desertification is estimated to be proceeding at a rate of 20,000 hectares per annum. Sea-surface temperatures will increase in Ghana’s waters and this will have drastic effects on fishery. It is likely that there will be a reduction in the suitability of weather within the current cocoa-growing areas in Ghana by 2050. Rice and rooted crops production are expected to be low. There is also a risk of an increase in the incidence rate of measles and other diseases. These negative impacts of climate change and variability worsens the plight of the poorest in the society.

Civil Society Priorities

The following are CSOs crucial demands:
  1. Increase funding for an accelerated progress on the SDGs
  2. Scaling up implementation, awareness and ownership at the district and community levels
  3. Enhancing monitoring and data capture, analysis and utility for effective implementation

Civil Society Engagement

To a greater extent the platform represents CSOs' joint approach for engagement with government. In recent times government has engaged the the platform or it members directly for deliberative policy dialogues

Public Awareness

There was collaboration with the UNDP to use their materials which had been translated into 4 local languages (Twi, Ga, Ewe, Dagomba). Unfortunately, not many local governments can be said to be actively engaged in the SDGs. Although their on-going interventions may be SDGs related, there is a low level of awareness among the citizens and the few subnational governments proactively promote public engagement in the SDGs. While many CSOs are leveraging the SDGs for their programming and advocacy, this cannot be said of the academic institutions

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