Overview of SDG progress Kyrgyzstan lags behind in almost all goals. The attention is required for quality education, rational use of water resources and sanitation, sustainable energy sources, sustainable economic growth, decent work for all, sustainable industrialization, reducing inequality, combating climate and environment pollution, consumption of natural resources. Women's rights and gender equality should become an equal part of the national SDG strategies with full MOI. To reach the goals by 2030 is possible if the next steps in the country's VNR are implemented, and strong attention is given to problems of weak governance, weak coordination by the state, weak content of indicators, ineffective mechanisms of accountability, introduction of effective means of implementation, and especially integration into local strategies and plans.   Overview of climate change Climate change negatively affects health, economy and environment of the country. More people die from cardiovascular diseases. Intensified due to the climate change landslides, mudflows and floods led to the destruction of roads, bridges and protective dams, irrigation structures, houses, destruction of crops and animals, people die. Soil degradation, aggravated by climate change, causes great economic damage to Kyrgyzstan. Different degrees of soil degradation reduce the yield of agricultural crops by 20-60%. Pastures occupy 89% of all agricultural land in the Republic, the impact of climate change on pasture ecosystems can lead to a lack of fodder, underfeeding of livestock and its death. Kyrgyzstan has identified next steps in the VNR aimed at implementing internal policies under goal 13. There is an urgent need to start implementing national programs and measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, introducing environmental statistics and a monitoring system for climate change.   Civil society priorities Increase government accountability, eliminate corruption, strengthen a human rights-based approach, strengthen an enabling environment for CSOs, and introduce a multi-stakeholder approach. CSO demanded to improve the nationalization of indicators so that problems could be identified in a timely manner and corrective measures taken. Pay serious attention to the principle of the SDGs approach “Leave no one behind” in Kyrgyzstan. Strengthen measures for development effectiveness, including increasing the transparency of all processes and decision-making in the country, strengthening accountability mechanisms, institutionalizing the involvement of CSOs, in all strategic programs to pay attention to the definition of specific development results.   Civil society engagement Participation of CSOs was during the development of country strategies for sustainable development. However, CSOs were widely involved in the preparation of the VNR. During the preparation of the VNR, 5 operational working groups were set up and they worked with broad participation of civil society . Regular communication ensured joint analysis of data and the possibility of verifying data entered. This is why the report included many real areas if concern. The last draft of the report was posted on the website for inputs. CSOs submitted their inputs. But not all recommendations and data from CSOs were included, for example, for goal # 5 out of six recommendations on the next steps submitted by the Forum of Women's NGOs of Kyrgyzstan, only one was adopted in the VNR.   Public awareness There was no active dissemination of information on the 2030 Agenda across the country. Country State strategies for sustainable development are available in two languages, Kyrgyz and Russian, as the country has two working languages. There are very few materials on the global agenda in the Kyrgyz language. Local governance bodies have hardly integrated the 2030 Agenda into their strategies and development plans. There are very few SDG materials in educational institutions. Academia do not participate in disseminating information on the SDGs. It is CSOs that use the 2030 Agenda more systematically in their work.

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