Overview of SDG progress

Some improvements has been made in the organisation and coordination of the implementation at the national level. SDG 12, 13, 14 and 15, and Norway's negative footprint in global effort to meet the SDGs are the areas that need most attention. Statistical annex to Norway’s VNR.

National planning, implementation and budget commitments

The Government recently launched a National Action Plan. Budget commitments are placed in plans and strategies on each of the areas discussed.

Progress since last VNR

There is a national action plan. However, it was presented recently and has not had the time to be set out in practice. The plan is connected to other plans and strategies related to the SDGs. Important areas is not given enough emphasis in the Plan, and the progress is in many way negative or stagnated, some are positive.

How have you engaged across communities?

Civil society receives financial support from the Government, which enables civil society to reach out to marginalized groups. In the VNR process, stakeholder were invited to participate. However, short deadlines made it difficult to reach civil society on a local level and marginalized groups. A new National Forum for Agenda 2030 will be launched, and stakeholders are invited to give input on the mandate, form and structure of the forum.

Overview of climate change

Norway is commited to the Paris agreement. Norway’s challenge in climate policies is to have coherent policies. . As a significant producer and exporter of oil and gas, Norway is a major contributor to climate change, with both high domestic and exported emissions. With emissions reduced just 2.4 per cent since 1990, the 50-55 per cent emissions reduction target for 2030 remains a long way off.

Civil society priorities

Policy coherence for sustainable development to meet SDG 12, 13, 14 and 15. Civil society's assessments to Norway's VNR.

Civil society engagement

Norwegian civil society benefits from a strong tradition of engagement of non-state actors in decision-making processes, and are invited to give input on a number of policy areas regularly. In the VNR process, stakeholders were invited to assess the SDGs. However, no advisory forum for Agenda 2030 has been successful, but the Government will establish a National Forum for Agenda 2030.

Public awareness

In 2020, Norway integrated Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) into the general curriculum by creating three cross-disciplinary school subjects; ‘Sustainable Development’, ‘Democracy and Citizenship’ and ‘Public Health and Life Skills'. The UN Association of Norway has translated the SDGs to Northern Sami.  

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