Ageing Nepal

Advocacy, campaigning and SDGs implementation projects


(a) To aware the general public on SDGs and its importance
(b) To pressurize government for implementation of SDGs, leaving no elderly behind

(a) Advocacy and Campaign (b) Literacy classes for older person for achieving SDGs & Research Fellowships provided to 6 master’s level students for their master’s thesis on ageing issues (c) Providing caregivers and nurses training in geriatric care (d) Observing World Health Day, World Tobacco Day and World TB Day (e) Observing World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD): SDGs 3 (f) Observing World Environment Day (g) Involving in Age Demand Action (ADA) on health and right campaign (h) Preparing Book for senior citizens (i) Orientating local government, stakeholders, journalist, youths and other general public on SDGs (i) Participating in different international conferences and seminars