Amis des Etrangers au Togo (ADET)

Development Professional |

DOSSE SOSSOUGA, after Benin University in Lomé-Togo, was specialized in special education in Togo from 1991-2010. He created NGO: Amis des Etrangers au Togo (ADET) in 1996 which was officially registered in 2004. President of NGO: ADET, this organization was granted consultative status with ECOSOC in 2013 and granted OSAA in 2015. He became the director of NGO: ADET since 2010. He is always invited to many UN meetings and UNGA, conferences, forums; He is a member of UNTEAMWORK for the SDG implementation, member of loomio, beyond 2015 and together 2030. He is one of millions of people in the World who has innovated the transforming 2030 agenda for the sustainable development. He is member of World Bank groups, Women group, UNFCCC, REN21, Climate reality Leadership corps, SE4all, FAO Group, CIVICUS, GAROP, DOCIP, Youth group, International NGOs and Associations for the sustainable development network (RIOADD). He has successfully completed the World Bank Group’s Mooc of PPP, of the gender-sensitive Governance Course and of climate change and has participed to Financing for development Mooc and leadership course. Member of the World we want, of Global social economy group, and of the open government Partnership. 2016 social Infrastructure winner and sustainable development 2016 award winner. Power for all member, The 2016 Ground_Up project Referral Contest winner.
NGO: ADET is international and its missions are social, economic and environmental development:
– In social development we promote disable, indigenous, old persons, migrant workers, women and girls and other minority’s rights and gender equality for social inclusion. For this, awareness rising has been promoted.
– In economic development area we promote agriculture, business, technology transfer. Industry promotion will be promoted.
– In environmental development we programmed energy for all awareness raising, climate change actions, smart agriculture promotion, economic growth, open government partnership,
Our actions will gather Civil society, academic, private sector and government for the sustainable development implementation.
We have already begun awareness raising on migrants rights in 2001, women and minorities rights in 2012, disable rights in 2012 and is ready for the public awareness raising on the 17 sustainable goals and the technology priority in this world engagement. We need for this financial and technical support to go ahead in the SDG implementation.