Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication

SDG Localization through Community Radio


Bangladesh, a country of 160 million people, 80% of them are living in rural areas and 20% of rural people are deprived of mainstreaming media. Community radio is contributing in creating voice of the voiceless for getting social justice, as the media has created opportunities to expand dialogues and discussions by the rural communities regarding their livelihood supports. Under this context a series of 17 social dialogues engaging the local elected representatives and concerned government departments with grassroots community on their various right based issues held at station level during January – December 2017.

As people from different classes and groups including the ethnic groups in rural areas are listening Community Radio (CR) programs, so, to sensitize and educate these disadvantaged communities about their various right based issues in line with SDG 16.10.are very crucial. Considering this enabling situation, BNNRC initiated a series of 17 dialogues under a project titled “Promoting Social Dialogue through Community Radio in Achieving SDGs”, on September, 2017.

The dialogues helped them to claim and receive their demand driven supports from the concerned government offices.

The specific objectives of the social dialogues are given below —

Mobilize the trained broadcasters to engage different sections of community for social dialogue and come forward with their need.
Raise awareness and knowledge among the rural communities on their basic rights
To facilitate access to public services
Facilitate the process for making a bridge between the community and local government bodies.