Institute of Hazrat Mohammad SAW

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The Institute of Hazrat Mohammad SAW is a research think tank committed to peace and human development. A key focus area of the Institute is upholding human rights including rights of persons with disability. Training, research and advocacy are the key areas of its work.
We also provide free legal counseling and redress of grievances for the visually impaired and destitute women. The Institute conducts various advocacy programs in order to generate greater awareness on the rights of visually impaired. It also conducts engagement programs such as nationwide essay competition for the visually impaired every year. It also observes international events targeted towards this section of society such as World White Sticks Day and the International Day for Disabled Persons etc. Other activities of the Institute are researches on human rights including right of migrant workers, rights of persons in police custody, means to address human trafficking, climate induced migrants etc.
There are over a million visually impaired persons in Bangladesh. Majority of them have limited access to education let alone ICT based services. The case is much worse for visually impaired women as they are greatly restricted from pursuing training opportunities due to lack of secure transportation arrangements.
Due to lack of education, resources and general awareness, visually impaired persons mostly women end up leading lives as dependents and often in miserable conditions. The Institute activities enable wider access to ICT and skill based training for one of the most vulnerable and underprivileged sections of our society.
In a nutshell, the Institute’s activities are committed towards the SDG goal 8 : Promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth, employment and decent work for all. It does these through training, legal support and advocacy programs for disadvantaged persons namely persons with disability.
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