Data Usage for Sustainable Development: Citizen-Powered Air Quality Improvement


Air pollution severely undermines human health and quality of life around the world – and exacerbates inequality as low-income populations are disproportionately affected. To address such a ubiquitous and constant threat, those impacted at the community level must have tools to monitor and share data on local air quality, in real time, with support to understand the impact
of factors such as weather, incineration days, or the release of toxic substances through accidents
or natural disasters. The main goals of the project are to:
• Use sensors to measure air quality in local communities so real-time data is available – and make citizens key to the installation, operation, and maintenance of those sensors;
• Equip citizens with skills to extract the data, and perform data analysis and data visualizations; and
• Provide support for “community anchor institutions” (local organizations like libraries or community ICT centers, whose objective it is to provide access to information) to make this information accessible to communities.