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Most of our activities are conducted through/ for the children’s parliament or a YASH (Young Advocates for Social Harmony) group that we have started. This is a platform that we have created for children to be able to talk about issues that they face in their settings. We are in the process of federating it at different levels – state and national levels. Through these parliaments children work on the problems and find solutions to them. The members of the children’s parliament are elected as ministers of the Sustainable Development Goals. They have also taken the responsibility to work on each of the goals through out the year even if it means creating awareness about it. For instance, in Delhi, the children’s parliament members took out a rally on child marriage to prevent one such marriage that they heard of in their community. They took on the responsibility of planning everything only with minimal support from the staff of our organisation. They were successful in preventing the marriage.

The children of the YASH group also conduct games to create awareness of issues related to the global goals such as clean water and sanitation.

Last year, children were involved in a process that we did regarding the Universal Periodic Review (UPR). Here the children we taught about the SDG’s and also asked to give recommendations on what the Indian Government could do to improve the human rights conditions of children in India. These recommendations were sent to Geneva for the India’s UPR process.

We are also conducting a mid term review of the schemes that reflect the Sustainable Development Goals in India. These schemes will be reviewed by the children themselves. The report of this review will also be a strong basis for us to advocate policy changes.