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Goals 5 and 8 – One of trustme’s projects (through Colaboradora) is to map, identify and promote black women leaders from low income communities (favelas) in Rio de Janeiro. We train youth from the favelas to lead a pop up agency and support these leaders with communication and help them to reach the next level in their initiatives. Our pilot was with Viviane Gonçalves, who makes cake for living. After our support, we develop her brand, creating 5inco Segredos ( and positioned Viviane as a cake designer. This “small” change increased her sales in 65%, helped Viviane to start her sales in other neighborhoods (and not only on her community anymore) and she recognized her work as a profession (increasing her self-steem).

Goal 3 – Hoje Tem!? is a mobile application developed to increase the level of empathy and communication among couples. We believe that many of the problems that can be generated by a unhealthy relationship (emotional health) can be prevented with the couple talking about the issues, taboos and desires. We use a methodology that offer free packages of questions everyday that make them understand and think about what they want regarding different topics.