Public Mobilisation

Recognising that this should be a People’s Agenda, we will work to familiarize the public with sustainable development and the commitments made by governments, with an aim to promote people-powered accountability and support the mobilisation of people. We will organise solidarity actions with people working for sustainable development and cooperate with others to build a people’s movement. Action for Sustainable Development focuses its public mobilisation moments around the High Level Political Forum, SDG Anniversaries  and Climate Change Negotiations. Past activities:

2 year anniversary since adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals

On 25 September, 2017 (two year anniversary of the SDGs), Action for Sustainable Development together with partners was work with over 670 civil society groups, in 380 cities and 116 countries to organise over 1000 community actions and events, such as community marches, town hall meetings, photo stunts and online actions (over 11,000 #act4sdgs tweets that reached an estimated 84 million people) to raise awareness for the goals and to call on governments to pick-up the pace with their implementation plans. See more information about national events here.