Facilitation Group

The Facilitation Group provides an advisory role to Action4SD´s Global and Regional Coordinators, as well as the Working Groups to ensure programs and strategies stay on track. The group works closely with partners at the regional level. It is formed with 2 members from each of the 7 regions, the 4 founding global networks, plus 7 additional places for major thematic constituencies. The Facilitation Group will seek to facilitate and support the wider platform.

Below are the regional Facilitation Group members elected in 2016:

Salina Sanou, ACORD Kenya, Kenya
Stephan Chacha, African Philanthropic Foundation, Tanzania

Zia-ur-Rehman, AWAZ Pakistan
Roselle Rosay, Asia Development Alliance, Asia

Latin America and the Caribbean:
Agustina Carpio, FOCO, Argentina
Alessandra Nilo, MESA de Articulación/ ABONG-Brazil, Brazil

Middle East and North Africa:
Zahra Bazzi, ANND, Lebanon
Mohamed El Saadi, Morocco

Emele Duituturaga, PIANGO, Fiji
Drew Havea, Civil Society Forum of Tonga, Tonga

Farah Nazeer, Bond, United Kingdom
Barbara Caracciolo, Solidar, Belgium

North America:
Jack Kupferman, Gray Panthers, United States
Shamina de Gonzaga,UN of World Council of Peoples for the United Nations, United States