The world is facing massive challenges, from a worsening situation on climate change, to the rise of populism, gender and economic inequality, in addition to the threat of major virus pandemics. Activists from directly affected communities are driving transformative change and implementing solutions to these challenges. They work through strategies that combine innovation, traditional knowledge and ethical practices.. Their stories must be told so others can follow suit.

What is Zovu?

Zovu supports frontline activists to tell their stories, deliver advocacy and share their insights on how to bring about transformative change.


It is only by a joint effort that we can hope to deliver a transformation that ensures a long-term transition to a more just and sustainable world can be achieved; including fighting inequalities, ensuring peaceful societies, guaranteeing basic rights and keeping global warming below 1.5°C as a pre-condition for human rights and well-being.


Throughout 2021, Action for Sustainable Development will work with up to 20 movements, activists and organisations to co-produce and amplify their stories of change. Activists will be mentored and assisted to capture audiovisual material about their initiatives and communities as well as to craft stories that speak to the relevance of local solutions to global challenges. Participants may receive small grants for technical support, training or materials if needed.


The stories will be shared on and social media. They will also be shared with partners and our network of over 3300 members. This will enable the sharing of best practices and facilitate connection across members.

Kenyan Youth Biodiversity Network




Rutare Initiative


Amazon Theatrix Ensemble


Micronesia Climate Change Alliance