Who is being left behind?

Colombia ran an extensive engagement process in 2016, with four regional consultations in the country, consultation participants developed a diverse picture of marginalization in Colombia. Some of the factors contributing to people being left behind include income inequality and corruption, a lack of public policy and government capacity to address marginalization (including lack of data), a lack of public awareness of the SDGs and their rights as citizens, and lack of capacity within the CSO sector. Key constituencies most marginalised in the country
  • Afro-descendant populations
  • Rural/ campesino populations
  • Indigenous persons
  • LGBTQI+ people
  • Youth
  • Women and Children
  • Victims of armed conflict
  • People living in urban slums and in rural environments

What can be done?

Civil society representatives in Colombia are actively engaged in monitoring SDG progress, with two important follow-up activities planned, including sector-wide monitoring of SDG implementation in Colombia, and concurrently building the capacity of the sector and the public to monitor that implementation and ensure no one is being left behind.

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Human Development Index

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