Overview of SDG progress

Overall, the government has been engaged with the SDGs. The SDG implementation structures are good. But the policies have not taken sustainability into account. All in all, privatization and growth are main economic trends. Environmentally, the biggest struggles remain in the climate crisis, as Germany still runs the biggest coal mines in Europe leading to strong corporate hold over policies, lawsuits against fossil fuel phase out by such companies, and displacement of communities in these areas. Most attention needed: trade and financial system; Greenhouse Gas Emissions; transport system; agricultural system; massive growth of private wealth while accepting the depletion of public budgets; renting and inequality crisis; privatization of social system such as health. See more here and here.

National planning, implementation and budget commitments

There is a plan for implementation in Germany, the national sustainability strategy. Whole of government, parliament and civil society have been involved. However, the strategy remains politically irrelevant and to badly structured to be usable. Also the indicators don't follow the SDG indicators as a whole thus making it difficult to measure SDG progress. Budget has been given to SDG implementation, focus on education for sustainable development.

Progress since last VNR

The national sustainability strategy has been in place since 2002. It has been revised in line with the SDGs in 2016 and in 2020. The 1st German VNR in 2016 mostly referred to the structures of sustainability policies that had already been in place before. There is no noticable change in policy due to the 2016 VNR. One major development, pushed by environmental organizations and trade unions has been the development of just transition policies in the coal mining areas of Germany. This has been a high level political topic where the government had to move towards climate change and coal phase out laws. The latest development has been a decision by the high court to acknowledge climate change as a generational issue leading to the need to rewrite the German climate change laws. In general, since 2016 there has been however little change in policies overall in all policy areas.

Key communities who face being left behind

Most marginalized are: unemployed, single parents (mostly women)Persons with disabilities; POC, Migrants or undocumented persons; Refugees and asylum seekers.

How have you engaged across communities?

Within German civil society, there has been many engagement with marginalized groups and these groups are very much self-organized and empowered themselves.

Overview of climate change

The German goverment is not sticking to the Paris agreement. In fact this is now one of the most important election topics (Sept 2021). The climate law has just been rejected by the high court and needs to be revised. There has been substantial development in coal mining phase out, but Germany has still the largest coal-mine in Europe. Germany emits about 11 tons of carbon dioxide equivalents per capita per year (2017). Climate change has started to affect Germany especially when it comes to droughts. Since 2018, the amount of rain has been insufficient leading to severe problems for the agriculture. This is especially the case for the large scale farms in Germany.

Civil society priorities

There are CSO demands in every field. In terms of better SDG implementation the key demands are: We call on Germany to finally»end the era of voluntary action but implement legally-binding sustainability policies and regulation»substantially revise the German Sustainability Strategy or develop a real SDG Strategy instead

Civil society engagement

Yes, civil society is regularly engaging in policy dialogue with televent government ministries and  in supplying and reviewing evidence and data in many policy areas - as well as SDG implemetation in specific

Public awareness

Translation to German. There has been quite a lot of educational work on the SDGs, but it has become less in the last years

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