People are calling for a world where social, environmental and development justice is assured.

We are a civil society platform driving progress towards sustainable development. We come together to support each other in achieving the prosperous, healthy, secure and peaceful world we urgently need.

By agreeing on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, world leaders promised to begin a critical shift away from the current unsustainable and unjust development models. If these commitments are met, we have a chance of saving the planet and delivering just outcomes for all people.


Develop action priorities for the UN and other Member States to consider

Hit the streets and raise awareness online to build a people’s movement

Track and measure progress on the delivery of commitments

See and submit ideas for sustainable development implementation


Join Action for Sustainable Development and team up with organizations across the world to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.


Joint ownership
Radical Inclusivity
Open and open-source
Transparency and accountability
Respect and sensitivity to context